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A short description of the town

Oderberg is a small town at the northern edge of the Oder Marshlands and part of the Biosphere reservation Schorfheide - Chorin. The lovely town is surrounded by a picturesque landscape like vast forests, hills and lakes.

Oderberg's geology is unique. Surprisingly tall hills (above 100 metres) and slopes in an otherwise flat land were formed by the Ice Age. Steep hill-slopes touch the historic city and the river Old Oder with the Oderberg Lake.

The history of the Oderberg area is quite interesting as well. Oderberg has been an important source of toll revenues for the Brandenburg sovereigns. Before the Oder Marshlands were drained the river Oder flew through the city and made it important. Even in the beginning of the 20th century the Oderberg Lake became largest timber stockyard in northern Germany and also became a spa resort. Thousands of tourists revived here each week.

Discover Oderberg

Visitors can enjoy their vacation and discover a lot. They can choose between a variety of hotels, guest rooms and guest houses. Three bakeries and numerous cafés and restaurants provide for catering. Ambitious cultural events provide for a good time:


Fairs and Carnival

  • Oderberg Carnival in the Grünen Aue (Februar)
  • Stadium party on Ascension Day (April/Mai)
  • fisher and skipper celebration at Bollwerk with fun regatta and Oder-Berg-Running (Juni/Juli)
  • street party at Oberkietz (September)
  • Christmas market (Dezember)

Please look at the following event calandar or look at linked web sites for dates of upcoming events.


The Inland Navigation Museum in the Hermann- Seidel street displays the history of inland navigation and waterway and canal construction as well as the inland fishery. An outside exhibition displays one of the towns landmarks: the side-paddlesteamer Riesa on shore.

This was overhauled completely by voluntary workers on a show of our local (statewide) TV station RBB, called ("96 hours"). Beyond that there is an exhibition about the prehistory and early history of the region. An exhibition of paintings by Gabriele Diebel can be seen in the Niederlagshaus (Entrepot House) in Berlin street. The painter offers these paintings, particularly with motives from the Oderberg area, also for sale. Finally often there are exhibitions of paintings or photography in the St. Nicolai church.


Our forest-, hill- and water-rich area is particularly ideal for hiking walks and easy hiking trips for the whole family. Walk along the Oder slopes to the Sandberg (Sand hill) or the Pimpinellenberg (Burnet hill) - with 120 metres one of the tallest hills in our region - and enjoy the gorgeous view into the Oder valley. Follow a signposted nature trail and learn something about our plant life. Trace the path of the monks through the forest to Parstein lake and the Pehlitz ait. Visit the "Großer Stein" (Big Boulder) - a giant erratic block of granite - at Neuendorf. In the adjacent nature reserve “Breitefenn” you can take a guided tour with a nature guard ranger. Regularly the nature lovers association "Wanderfalken e.V." (peregrine falcon) as well as the association for local history and nature Oderberg offer guided walks through Oderberg. Closely connected with these associations the guest house "Eisguste" offers guided tours as complete package with overnight accomodations for larger groups with a package price.

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Water sports

The quiet and little traveled water of the old river Oder offers an opportunity for a more or less sporty activity. Get easy handled canoes at the Canoe & Kayak Rental next to the museum steamer "Riesa". Enjoy our spectacular landscape and explore the species-rich animal life in secluded areas while paddling in the twilight. Guided tours are available, like the "Moonlight tour", the "Ship lift tour" or the "Grandma, Grandpa, Grandchild tour". Some of them are accredited as a regional brand by the Biosphere Reservation area "Schorfheide-Chorin". Of course you can organise every trip by yourself and take advantage of the canoe shuttle service. On short trips stop by Meltzer's Beer garden or Marina Oderberg for a refreshment. Passing through travellers take a rest at a waterside campground on Bardin with washing facilities and toilets (see blog -German).

For those who prefer going by a motorboat or yacht find all they need at the Marina Oderberg . The boat moorages offer water and electricity hook-up. You can even get a boat driving license here.


Bicycle lovers find superb conditions to cycle. A gorgeous round trip goes through Bralitz to Liepe and back to Oderberg - with a spectacular view at the forest covered hills of the end moraine. Alternatively you can make a detour to the Ship lift Niederfinow. On the other side you drive along the Oder-Havel canal passing fields and meadows until you reach Hohensaaten and the river Oder. There you come across the "Oder-Neisse Cycle Track" with a length of 530 kilometres. Two more cycle tracks crossing Oderberg: the 62 kilometres long Oder-Havel cycle track, going further along the 400 years old Finow canal and meets the Berlin-Kopenhagen cycle track in the west, and with 1092 kilometres the 3rd longest long-distance cycle track of Germany: called the "Tour Brandenburg". . If you don't have your own bicycles you can rent one at the Niederlagshaus.


Impressive historical and technical buildings are in the immediate vicinity of Oderberg. Only a few kilometres northeast of Oderberg there ist the Nationalpark "Unteres Odertal" (Lower Oder Valley) and spread along the river Oder. The asphalt covered embankments are part of the "Oder-Neisse Cycle Track" and a paradise for cyclists and Inline-skaters.

Following places of interest are in immediate vicinity and can be reached by bicycle:

Luftbild Schiffshebewerk

Together with other objects of interest in Oderberg you can spend here many intersting an relaxings days on vacation. And while you are here, don't forget to try the best icecream of Berlin and Brandenburg in Kieslinger's coffee shop

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